Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Review

Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Review

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales opened in theaters on Friday May 26 to cautious optimism. Walt Disney Studios has a history of making some of the most popular movies ever produced, and I think people really wanted to like Dead Men Tell No Tales (I know I did). But Pirates 3 & 4 left us wondering when the suffering would end. Would the 5th installment of the franchise “right the ship” and restore Pirates of the Caribbean to its former glory? I think the formula of Jack Sparrow on a quest to find what he truly desires had run its course. At World’s End was a smelly pile of raw fish rotting in the Caribbean sun that was not only boring, but hard to follow and senseless. They did their best to clean up the mess with On Stranger Tides, but they, again, crammed too many story lines into the movie making it too hard to follow (kind of like a season of Game of Thrones  in under 2 hours).

Central Characters: Henry, Carina, and Captain Salazar

Dead Men Tell No Tales takes a different approach. The movie starts with a young boy tying a rope around his ankle that is attached to a net full of rocks. He uses this device to sink to the bottom of the ocean where he comes face-to-face with Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) the captain of the Flying Dutchman. We learn that the boy is Will’s son, Henry (Brenton Thwaites), and following a brief exchange, Henry decides he is going to find a way to break his father’s curse so they can be a family, again. Ok! So we have a new story line!

Fast forward 9 years (why 9? I don’t know) and we see Henry below deck on a British naval ship in pursuit of pirates. This is our introduction to the Devil’s Triangle and Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), who is in pursuit of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) to break the curse placed over him and his men (We see later how the crew became cursed and how Jack is responsible).

Jack Sparrow bank vault
How did he get in there?

We then come to the island of St Martin as some really important people are celebrating the Grand Opening of the new bank and it’s “indestructible” bank vault. This is how we introduce Jack and his pirate crew. But it seems a little odd that they would be robbing a bank. Oh well. Our introduction to Jack and his crew lead us on the wild chase and escape we’ve come to expect from Jack Sparrow. Fortunately, there aren’t many “wild chase scenes” in this movie.

Next, we are introduced to Carina (Kaya Scodelario) who is in prison for being a witch. Of course, she professes herself to be a ‘woman of science’ and only searching for the key to the ‘map-that-no-man-can-read’ that will help her locate Poseidon’s trident as outlined in her father’s notebook which she has carried with her since birth. This seems strange considering she claims to be all about “science” but she’s following a map left by her absent father to locate a mythical figure’s magical weapon.

There’s more to Pirates than Jack Sparrrow

But anyway, who’s paying attention? The point is that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales isn’t one where the audience follows Captain Jack Sparrow on some wild adventure in search of something Jack keeps hidden, even from the audience, only to be revealed as insignificant and trivial. It is something much more than that. It’s a journey to reunite family, a search for one’s identity, a story of sacrifice, AND a story of vengeance on the one who cursed Salazar and his crew to an eternity of pain and suffering, with a little bit of Jack Sparrow thrown in for comic relief. In my opinion, I felt like Jack Sparrow was the “Olaf” of Pirates 5; there for a little bit of levity when things got too heavy. He moves

Young Captain Jack Sparrow
Young Captain Jack Sparrow

the story along, but the story doesn’t revolve around him, exclusively. Although one of my favorite moments in the movie is seeing how Jack became the pirate he is today and how he got all of the wristbands, headbands, trinkets, and baubles he’s been wearing since we first met him 14 years ago. Understanding the significance behind his captain’s hat and why he has held onto it this long shows a more human side to the swashbuckling pirate.

I felt this story had more heart than the 2-3 previous movies which makes it a more enjoyable film. The characters had a clear purpose and the action made sense in respect to the overall storyline. Although the cursed sharks lying dormant until they are placed in water seemed a bit confusing. Especially when they can’t even sink a row boat! I thought Salazar’s ship was amazing as were all of the special effects. I liked the revelation at the end as well as the conclusion of the movie. And then there’s the bonus scene after the credits. Looks like they’re gearing up for a 6th Pirates of the Caribbean movie! I can hardly wait! Everyone should see this movie in the theaters. I just might go see it again!

Posted on: May 29, 2017coachken