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She's Ready For The Season! Are You?

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Coach Gerard Prepping His Team For Season 11 of
All American Team Tennis

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Welcome to All American Team Tennis.
Where tennis is a TEAM sport.

All American Team Tennis will change the way you think about tennis. No more instructors, no more clinics, no more Tournaments. JUST TENNIS!

Why All American Team Tennis?

For far too long tennis has been a game shrouded in mystery, with players cloistered behind the high shrubs and guarded gate of the country club. A game with a rich history of being enjoyed exclusively by rich people. But not anymore! All American Team Tennis has made a previously inaccessible sport available to any child with a racquet and some free time.

What started as a simple question “Why do more kids play football than tennis?” has developed into a competitor to football, itself. No more ‘instructors’ teaching kids things they’ll never use. No more boring lessons that turn kids away from tennis. No more tournaments designed to eliminate players from the draw (and possibly the sport). All American Team Tennis is here to get more players playing and to keep them playing for a very long time. How do we do it?

It’s simple: the tennis team. All American Team Tennis has adopted the model used by other sports and adapted it to the game of tennis. First, they designed uniforms that promote camaraderie and creativity. With a cartoon logo on the front and a player’s name and number on the back, players feel like they’re a part of something big. Then, the players practice together to not only develop as players but to also develop as a team. This is important if you want to win. Next, they are given a schedule of matches to be played every Saturday for 8-9 weeks. This makes it easier for players (and parents) to schedule the rest of their lives. On Game Day, you’ll find a Referee on every court. Sounds obvious, but unfortunately, Referees do not attend tennis tournaments. And if they do, it’s usually one Referee for up to 6 courts. This opens the door for all kinds of mischief.

But All American Team Tennis hasn’t eliminated the tournaments completely. The tournament isn’t gone just put in its proper place. At the end of the Regular Season teams are entered into what is known in other sports as the Playoffs; a single-elimination tournament to determine the best team that season. Kind of like the Super Bowl. And for those players who had a good season, they are invited back to play one more game… the All-Star Game.

Sound familiar? It should because this is how things are done in other, more popular, sports. And let’s face it, just about everything is more popular than tennis. But now that All American Team Tennis has become a member of the Amateur Athletic Union tennis can finally compete with the likes of soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

All American Team Tennis is Youth Tennis... Re-imagined!


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